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Article published on November 14, 2022.

Jason Lee is a top real estate advisor in the San Diego area and he has helped acquire and sell properties for clients.

In this article, he shares why you should buy real estate right now.

Best Time To Buy Real Estate Is Now

Jason Lee explains that you can always find great deals in the market and grow your portfolio. While other investors are taking a back seat and waiting to see where the market is going, a smart investor will find a way to get creative and make the numbers work so they can acquire a good investment. This would be a great time for new investors to jump in.

You Can Finance Your Real Estate Investment

Loan interest rates have increased in the last six to eight months and have doubled since 2021. Now is the chance to get into real estate because the rates might start to increase again in the coming months.

A Good Time To Sell Your Home?

Because of the current economic status in the US, some investors think it is good to cash out and sell their properties. In reality, no one really knows where the housing market is going so no one can tell you whether to sell or keep your property.

Location Is The Key

Location and economic factors are some of the drivers that keep real estate strong asset. A city like San Diego is a prime location to acquire properties because it is supported by economic factors.

Multifamily properties in the San Diego still remain a goof investment to consider. There are some price adjustments in great locations, but Jason hasn’t seen that much.

Multifamily is also a good investment because of supply and demand in the San Diego area. Because of the job growth and the increase of people wanting to live in San Diego, there is simply not enough housing for tenants who want to live in San Diego.

This is a great for multifamily investors because of the passive income that they will earn with rental properties.

Future of the Housing Market in San Diego

Jason Lee doesn’t see the values of the current housing market crashing. For those who refer back to the 2008-2010 housing market crash, they will notice that San Diego County only had a total of eight foreclosure, which show house strong the housing market is in this area.

In addition, today’s underwriting and loans are much stronger to compared to 2008.

Why You Should Buy Real Estate In San Diego Now

For an investor looking to grow their portfolio, now is the best time because there is less competition in the market. In the last four years ago, it has been very difficult to buy multifamily properties because of the high demand and competitiveness in the market. You wouldn’t be to find a good deal on a property unless you have those connections with the right people. So, if you’re looking to buy property in San Diego, the bets time to start looking is now.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for property, look at deals carefully and analyze the market. Connect and build relationships with people like brokers, lenders, contractors, investors, or people who control the market. Ask them questions and be curious.

If you’re already invested in real estate, Jason Lee thinks that it a great time to hold on to properties and re-assess your portfolio. If you see a better opportunity, you can sell and exchange through the 1031 exchange because you’ll be a able to free up equity and look for some great deals.

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