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What You’ll Learn in the Podcast:

  •  A look at Cody’s business and the types of high unit count apartment buildings that his company invests in.
  • A look into Cody’s background within the software industry and what drove him to switch to real estate. 
  • How Cody has set up the inter workings of Curated Investments so that it has seen great success. 
  • What an EOS system is and why it helps a business find success.
  • How Cody is planning to navigate the changing and potentially difficult market that we are experiencing and headed towards (and why fairly priced deals will still get done).
  • Where are interest rates headed?
  • How does Cody deal with so many deals each month and what pushes him to reject so many of them (but be so successful with those he says yes to)?
  • Advice for young real estate investors who would like to see real growth right now.

 Summary and Highlights:

It might be challenging to determine when and when is the perfect time to employ your hard-earned money. Several challenges traders confront include: what financial assets are ideal, where they obtain their knowledge, and who can answer their queries objectively?

In episode 47 of Jason Lee’s show The Multifamily Millionaire: Real Income from Real Estate. On this podcast, Cody Littlewood, along with Jason, talks about his perspectives on investing in real estate from a broad perspective of a Real estate Agency San Diego. This information is significant since it goes from the owner of an enormously respected firm that evaluates scores of transactions every month.

The following are some highlights, critical points, and essential takeaways for you to consider.

Who is Cody Littlewood?

Cody Littlewood is a participant at Curated Holdings, a business based within Miami, Florida, whose common shareholders possess 20 years of expertise in the industry, successfully processed 2000 doors, and now possess 1450 active doorways. In addition, he serves as the Executive Chairman at the company named Codelitt, the development of startup-style products and an innovative company that helps big businesses create innovative software applications.

Cody Littlewood holds the position of Partnership with Curated Investments. The Linux Foundation as well as other groups, focus on expansive internet freedom. Cody Littlewood began by learning programming language on a Macintosh Plus. He then attended college for marketing and advertising before realizing he could blend his passion for computer science with his entrepreneurial skills. Even though his current concentration is on businesses, he still spends much time in other fields to expand his knowledge and skills.

Real Income from Real Estate

Cody’s Investments

In the interview, Jason and Cody take an examination of Cody’s business and also the sorts of high-density residential complexes in which his firm engages.

Cody’s Achievements

They also talk about Cody’s history inside the computer software field and the factors that led him to transition toward the real estate sector.

Curated Investments

They tackled how Cody carefully organized the inner workings within Curated Investments to ensure that it has reached a significant deal of achievement and success.

The EOS System

Jason and Cody talk about the concept of the EOS system and why it’s beneficial for every business nowadays to use.

Challenges and Struggles

How Cody Littlewood intends to manage the shifting and maybe challenging environment that we are now encountering or are about to enter (and also why reasonable bargains will continue to be struck)

Interest Rates in 2022

The interview also answered the question,” Where will interest rates go in the future?”

Cody’s Work Perspective

They also discuss does Cody decline this many opportunities every month (while being so good and successful with the ones he accepts) and how would he manage to accept this many opportunities every month?

Tips from Cody Littlewood

Lastly, at the end of the interview, Cody Littlewood leaves a piece of simple yet powerful advice to young and beginning real estate investors to achieve career growth successfully.


After his extraordinary success, Cody Littlewood is indeed a remarkable advisor in the real estate field. Littlewood can provide you with a practical approach in real estate and other fields to achieve success.

Episode 47: Where is the Real Estate Market Headed? Insights From a Massive Operator

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