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Article published on February 15, 2022


The off market real estate is a discreet way of selling a home without the use of photos, home details, and the price. The property is put upon sale through private listings where access is given to real estate professionals or information is circulated through the word of mouth. One major feature of this sale model is that the majority of the browsers are not going to view the listing thereby confining the sale to a smaller pool of buyers.

This option is contrasted with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which allows access by real estate developers and the general public.

There are various situations where off market real estate sale is preferred. In the case that one is selling a home to a friend or a relative, and then there is no need of listing. At the same time, the home may be so strategic that it would not need any marketing to attract a buyer. Thus, the seller may not see the justification of listing such a property. Similarly, an individual with poor health or an older person may use this option in order to avoid a situation where the daily routine is disrupted.

Other terms for off market real estate sail is pocket listings or a hip pocket (slang). Other real estate developers are going to use the term coming soon, without necessarily listing the property officially.

California has not been left behind in the use of off market teal estate sale. There are various companies, individuals, and groups of people who use this method as their major avenue in selling property.

Pros: Off Market Real Estate Sale?

Off market real estate sale attracts buyers who can close a sale a comfortably and have the financial muscle to do so. Like an elite club, the members are invited thereby giving them a feeling of prestige and exclusivity. Therefore, in some cases, there can be a fast closure of a deal, attracting a high price.

Another benefit that comes with off market real estate is the privacy that comes with this process. This is more consequential to the celebrities, some of whom live as discreetly as possible, in order to avoid unnecessarily publicity. With this option, eminent personalities can make a sale with very few people knowing about it. Unless one of the few leaks the information, an eminent person can retain a home without much publicity.

If you sell your home through pocket listing, you are not going to have many people visiting your home in and out. Rather, you are going to continue with your day to day engagements, with only a few appointments to honor. This is going to help you in giving you convenience and flexibility.

Cons: Off Market Real Estate Sale?

The biggest disadvantage with off market real estate is the lack of exposure in this sale option. In short, it could take a lot of time before closing a sale. Because there are no bidding wars in this process, one may not attract competitive society, and therefore, one may get a raw deal. Therefore, off market real estate limits the market of a product.

With off market real estate sale, you will not know if there is somebody else who would have been willing to give you a better price for your home. You just have to be contented with the buyer you find.

The Way Forward

The sale of a home, and indeed any property, can be a complex process. Therefore making prudent decisions is a matter of paramount importance. Off market real estate sale can work very well, but it is not for everyone. If one has sufficient property experience and has a wide personal network, then there should not be a barrier to the use of Off Market Real Estate Sale.

JLM Real Estate Agency, San Diego

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you need to determine if off market real estate sale is the right strategy for your personal circumstances. If by any chance it is not, you need to find a viable and sustainable alternative. Professionals in the industry can help you to make this decision.

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