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1031 Exchange Planning

Understanding the IRS Code

Understanding the IRS Tax Code before making the move to complete a 1031 exchange is essential to your future success.

At our company, we know every single step and rule that an investor needs to follow in order to successfully complete a 1031 tax-deferred 1031 exchange.

There are four different types of 1031 exchanges: the simultaneous exchange, delayed exchange, improvement exchange, and the reverse exchange.

There are also certain timeframes to be aware of such as the 45 day identification period and the 180 day period to close escrow on your upleg(s).

Working with a Specialist
Working with a broker who specialized in 1031 exchanges for commercial real estate investors is extremely important if you want to successfully complete the process without any stress or pitfalls.

Negotiating properties on behalf of a client who is in a 1031 exchange is a process that many agents in real estate do not understand. A professional will help procure the perfect opportunities for an investor based off of his or her goals.

A 1031 exchange specialist, such as Jason Lee, understands the timeframes, the negotiations, the IRS guidelines, the different types of 1031 exchanges, the fees involved, and most importantly protecting our clients’ best interests.

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